Break Down Of Magento 2 PWA Development Cost

magento 2 pwa development cost

Progressive Web App is opening to the new era of online shopping websites with its advanced technology. One thing that concerns merchants whether to integrate Magento PWA or not is the Magento 2 PWA development cost.

Searching for the price for integrating Magento Progressive Web App sends merchants to a pool of advertisements from different Magento PWA solution providers.

However, the price varies so firms would be so confused to estimate the budget for their online website.

This post will focus on analyzing the cost for the PWA integration projects using ready-made Magento PWA themes. There are actually more solutions (PWA extensions, PWA Studio) but they do not produce the best results like the PWA templates. Thus, we do not recommend using these methods for Progressive Web App integration.

Let’s begin!

Theme Cost

There are different Magento PWA theme providers on the market. This also comes with a wide range of prices. There are two main types of themes available at present: Free and Premium. The premium theme price can go up to $3,000.

It is quite clear that free themes do not have such an outstanding storefront or may lack some PWA features. Thus, if merchants still have a flexible budget, they should go with this option as it might not bring the best result.

Installation And Configuration Fee

There is no fixed Magento 2 PWA development cost for any firm. Some Magento PWA theme providers offer this service for free as they may already include this fee in the theme price. Others may charge this service up to thousands of dollars.

Firms should be careful not to judge whether the theme is expensive or cheap too soon.

A cheap theme might come along with the high price for installation and configuration. By contrast, the theme that seems to be a little more costly turns out to offer a free setup fee.

Design Customization

Customization cost depends on the extent to which merchants want to change the design. Of course, the less customization also means the cheaper. Adjusting the basic elements such as theme colour, font, size,… would not cost so much.

Online shopping websites for clothes usually require the most customization. Since their main target customers are women who easily fall in love with the appealing theme design.

Extension Compatibility

Some extensions from the old Magento websites may not be compatible with the new Magento PWA theme. This means there will be an extra fee to pay for developers to get the extensions back on the store.

The cost for enabling these extensions on the new PWA site depends on the number of extensions and the level of complication of associated functions.

Custom Function Development

The fee for this section is rather similar to the theme customization for extension compatibility. Merchants can estimate the cost based on the complexity of the features they want to maintain/ develop on the PWA.

Post-development Service

This step is important for firms without in-house developers.

Completing the Magento PWA integration doesn’t guarantee the smooth performance of the online website. Any problems can happen and without the help from Magento experts, these technical problems cannot be solved easily.

Plus, this can result in an interruption in running the online business and pose negative impacts on the firm’s operation.

Magento development companies usually offer 1-3 months free of after-service support. After this time, they often offer this service in the form of a monthly or yearly package.


The post just lists the possible range of the Magento 2 PWA development cost that merchants may pay for their store.

The main determinant in this process is the theme provider that merchants choose.

If firms consider free Magento 2 PWA themes as the optimal solution, they may have to rethink. The free themes would require a high cost of customization and developers also need more time to complete the process.

Meanwhile, premium Magento PWA themes need less effort for customizing and it is also faster to complete the development process.

To get the most accurate price for the Magento PWA development, firms should list out their requirements and send them directly to the theme providers.

Of course, merchants should make a list of the Magento PWA theme development companies that they are interested in instead of sending it to all the companies they encounter.

We suggest choosing 3 to 4 agencies so that firms would not get confused over too many or too few choices.

Can You Estimate Your Magento 2 PWA Development Cost?

Calculating the Magento 2 PWA development cost is the first step to succeed in integrating Progressive Web App for the store. After this stage, firms can sort out the Magento companies that provide affordable service and then they can send email to plan on further steps.

Apart from price, firms should also consider the business requirements for the PWA theme including the design and functions so that they can get the most satisfying PWA store.

We hope this post has guided merchants in figuring out the price for integrating Progressive Web App for their store. For more questions, feel free to leave it in the comment section!

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