Experts Assessed the Future and Trends of The Gambling Industry in 2022

Experts Assessed the Future and Trends of The Gambling Industry in 2022

Every year, many researchers publish their assessments of the global gambling market and make predictions about its development. Although the numbers given in these reports vary, mobile games, live casino and blockchain technologies are always cited as the driving forces behind this industry.

These two factors are the main fuel for the growth of the sector. Every era has its engines that turn the wheels of progress, and we live in an era where cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and smartphones are changing the world.

Trends in Gambling in 2022

The global online gambling sector was valued at $66.7 billion in 2020. According to forecasts, by 2023 it is likely to achieve a turnover of 92.9 billion dollars. Hundreds of millions of people around the world choose to bet on sports and relax in online casinos as an alternative to traditional ways of leisure. Any gambling club that wants to be part of this growth must feel the trends and meet the expectations of its customers as clearly as possible, experts say.

The Popularity of Live Dealer Casinos is Gaining Momentum

About 55% of online casino visitors prefer realism in the interface, design and atmosphere of the club. At the same time, the popularity of the best live casino games is only growing, and gambling operators understand that in order to attract players, they need to provide customers with an experience and experience comparable to those they could get in land-based casinos.

The format of the live casino game assumes that all the action takes place in real time with special live casino bonuses. In order to do this, the gambling unit equips a studio with real tables, roulette tables, dice fields, etc. The broadcast is continuous, the visitor sees the dealers, can communicate with them, react to what is happening and place bets based on the statistics of the game.

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This version of the casino is quite expensive for the operator; only serious sites with a large turnover can pull it.

Slots Upgrade

The main directions in which slots will develop are aimed at improving their graphics and interactivity. Higher standards for the quality of game visualization and the introduction of augmented reality, the appearance of arcade elements and the complication of bonuses. This is what you should expect from slots in 2022.

Another trend of recent years, which will also determine the evolution of the virtual slot market, is the optimization of games for mobile devices with a touch screen and even smart watches. By the way, in social media, casinos regularly make posts about new and unusual slots and ways to play.

Cryptocurrency in Online Casino

Modern players require convenient, fast and secure ways to deposit and withdraw funds. For a long time, this niche was occupied by electronic wallets and bank cards, but they have their limitations, and now payment methods using cryptocurrencies are taking the lead. Advanced casinos already offer this payment method, although there are a number of complex and ambiguous points here.

Sites’ users that use  transactions like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. receive a higher level of anonymity and transparency. In addition, payments with digital coins reduce the risk of fraud with the personal data of players, they are much faster than in the traditional banking sector, and eliminate the risk of freezing accounts.